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What is MA tool?

MA tool that can efficiently create business meetings.
BowNow can be used without any settings difficulty.

About MA tool

What is BowNow?

No complicated settings
Efficient creation of new business opportunities

A zero configuration tool for clients. Easy-to-use without any complicated settings.
"ABM template function" available. 
Creating a tool that can be used in Asian marketing,
we focused on a simple design that could be used by both sales and marketing teams.
Supporting "list approach work" that can be prioritized, enabling efficient business creation.


Immediate results 
Follow-up hot leads and start
mid-to long-term nurturing activities.

The primary purpose of the MA tool is to prioritize leads and to follow up with hot leads immedately for quick wins, while nurturing the others over a medium-to long-term perspective.

You can search customer data in detail and extract hot leads automatically.
There are many functions to find "hot" users now.




Start with a minimum
Charging for the functions you need

If you have the necessary functions, you will be charged every time.
Start marketing activities with minimal cost.
By looking at it for the first time, you can improve your marketing skills.


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Business Cases

Learn more how companies are utilzing BowNow to succeed in their business


Success Stories

Increase the number of appointment settings, enhance lead generation and productivity.
Learn more about how companies are utilzing BowNow to succeed in their business.

BowNow was introduced when the company switched to online sales. With its extensive support and tailored usage, progress sharing and case management became smooth. | YP Biz Improve Inc.

YP Biz Improve Inc. Location 3-20-14, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Business Activity Provision of cloud systems for business improvement and productivity enhancement, and sales promotion support for inc...

Success Stories

Streamlining business negotiations by identifying the information customers want, resulting in 100 orders against a target of 60 | HOKUSEISHA Co.,Ltd.

HOKUSEISHA Co.,Ltd.. Location 1620 Kamisano, Toyooka City, Hyogo Pref. Business Activity Printings (planning, design, photography, editing, plate-making, printing, bookbinding, processing, etc.) Web d...

Success Stories

Streamlining the burden of sales for freelancers with MA|Web Factories, Inc.

Web Factories, Inc. Location Shinjuku Daishi Hayama Building 3F, 1-36-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Business Activity Support for corporate business improvement and business efficiency through the us...

Success Stories

Introduced BowNow and Blue Monkey at the right time to start acquiring new leads.|Asaka Riken Co.,Ltd.

Asaka Riken Co.,Ltd. Location 47 Maseguchi, Kanaya, Tamura-cho, Koriyama City, Fukushima Business Activity Development and sales of the measurement data management system "Mr. Manmos Sora URL https://...

Success Stories

Adopting a sales style adapted to the environment to improve efficiency|Sasaki Sellm Co.

Sasaki Sellm Co. Location 2-9-16, Sen-i, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi Business Activity Wholesale of fabrics, planning and sales of accessories URL https://www.sasakisellm.co.jp/ Challenges Before Implementa...

Success Stories

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BowNow Guide

This is the basic material for the marketing automation tool "BowNow".
It summarizes the concepts, features, and price plans.


Marketing Automation
Introduction confirmation sheet

It summarizes the preparation necessary to utilize MA tool.
First of all, let's check the current situation of the company before introducing marketing automation.


B2B Marketing Handbook

We have created marketing handbook for B2B companies.
First of all,we have summarized tha basic knowledge and
methods od digital marketing that you want to know in a large 
volume of 68 pages.

Digital Marketing Guide

Digital Marketing Guide

I will explain why companies should do "digital marketing" now
while telling the mistakes of the evaluation method of marketing measures that companies carry out and the pitfalls of marketing automation. 


Read marketing, sales, and customer success blog content.

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