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What's BowNow?

BowNow is a marketing automation system for beginners!

Efficient email marketing
Simple web analysis/report function
Visualize the actions of prospective customers on your web

These are easy to get started with!

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Why BowNow?

CRM features in BowNow
Better manage and utilize the client information in the system.

・Manage information and status of leads (prospects)

・Individual lead log management

・Account-based Marketing


Data Tracking
Monitor your potential customers' online behavior

・Recording prospect online data

・Web browsing data tracking

・Email marketing



Lead Qualification
Visualize their interest level by tracking data. 

・Flexible lead search and lead segmentation

・Original scenario template

・Graphical report


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Access our educational resources on marketing.
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BowNow Guide

This is the basic material for the marketing automation tool "BowNow".
It summarizes the concepts, features, and price plans.


Marketing Automation
Introduction confirmation sheet

It summarizes the preparation necessary to utilize a MA tool.
First of all, let's check the current situation of the company before introducing marketing automation.


B2B Marketing Handbook

We have created marketing handbook for B2B companies.
First of all,we have summarized the basic knowledge and
methods of digital marketing that you want to know in a large 
volume of 68 pages.

Digital Marketing Guide

Digital Marketing Guide

We explain why companies should do "digital marketing" now
while showing the mistakes of the evaluation method of marketing measures that companies carry out, and the pitfalls of marketing automation. 

Our Blog

We publish new articles several times a week in the areas of marketing, advertising, and sales.
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