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【Sales】Follow up with potential clients/customers more effectively

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【Sales】Follow up with potential clients/customers more effectively

Department : Sales
Objective : Streamline follow-up process.

One of the biggest reasons salespeople find it difficult to contact a customer is because they don't know the temperature of the customer.

One solution to this problem is to use BowNow to visualize what the prospective customers are interested in and what actions they are taking on the web, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the chase.

This article will introduce how to use BowNow in the sales department to pursue customers.


How to utilize BowNow to solve challenges

  1. Set up a sales representative for the potential customer you are pursuing.
  2. Use conditional search to find out which users have hot logs.
  3. Use the ABM template function to approach users when they take action.

You can assign a sales representative to each of the leads you manage in BowNow.

By assigning a sales representative to a lead, you can narrow down the list of potential customers you are in charge of and check each of them' web-behavior. You can also apply the conditional search to extract the people in charge of you and who have done certain actions.

In this way, by visualizing the most recent behavior, you can understand to a certain extent what your prospective customers are interested in, which makes it easier to approach them by phone or email.

You can approach them in various ways, such as, "Recently, many of our customers are interested in OOOO. This is a natural way to communicate with your customers, and more importantly, it gives you a reason to contact them.

On the other hand, if there has been little action recently, contacting the customer out of the blue may be disliked, so you can ask the marketing department to put the customer on a list to be sent a simultaneous email.

Also, using the ABM template function, a notification e-mail will be automatically sent to the sales staff when a potential customer takes some action, which is a particularly recommended function for sales staff to understand the customer's behavior without logging into BowNow to see the information.

Using BowNow to visualize the behavior on the web, you can assume the temperature of your potential customers and use it for your sales activities.

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