2. Pricing


Plan Lite Plan
Monthly fee $200(USD)
Number of Leads  Up to 3,000
Number of PV Up to 50,000
*Additional charge will be applied when exceeding 50,000 PV
Company log
User log
Email marketing
Form creation Unlimited
Number of registered domains Unlimited
File Storage Size 1GB
Cookie acquisition list display

* 1 The listed price does not include tax.
* 2 After the leads are exceeded, if the excess period exceeds 15 days, all new registration of leads and unknowns, and the transmission history function from the form will stop. Note: automatically sent emails will be sent.
* Regarding "Corporate log" and "User log", entries, lights, and standards are accumulated for the past two years.
* It is possible to increase up to 5GB for +10,000 yen for authentication file registration. (Only for Light Plan and above)
* The minimum usage period is one year.
* If you have more than 50,000 PV or 5,000 leads, please contact us.

Additional options


Number of Leads

$100(USD)/every 5,000 leads

※Number of leads is counted per email address, not the number of web visitors


Number of PV

$100(USD)/every 50,000 PV

※Tracking code measurement: Pay-per-use

※ For Enterprise/large-scale usage, please contact us for further details

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