Startia Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") strongly recognizes the importance of information security protection as a company that runs total office solutions from the IT environment to the facility and protects the information assets of the company from all kinds of threats We will establish basic information security policy and implement ongoing information security measures for the purpose of appropriate safety management.

1. Construction of information security management system

By observing laws and regulations concerning information security and other norms, the Group will establish a management system that will earn the trust of society.

2. Establishment of information security supervisor

The Group will establish a person responsible for information security and will build an information security organizational structure based on the responsibility. By doing so, we will accurately grasp the information security situation of the entire company and actively take actions so that necessary measures can be taken promptly.

3. Internal regulations on information security

The Group will develop information security regulations related to information assets. In addition to showing clear policies on the handling of information assets in general, we will tackle information leakage and other strict attitudes.

4. Protection of information assets

The Group conducts risk assessment to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets and protects appropriate information assets under the information security management system.

5. Implementation of information security education

The Group will implement necessary education so that officers, employees, etc. will fully recognize the importance of information security.

6. Response of security incidents and accidents

We will respond promptly in the event of information security problems by any chance, and minimize the damage. We also take appropriate measures including measures to prevent recurrence.

7. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Group will comply with the Telecommunications Business Law, Personal Information Protection Act, information security laws and other norms and guidelines.

8. Review and improvement

The Group regularly evaluates this policy and related regulations and management system, and reviews and improves information security.


Date of establishment: December 14, 2007
Last revised date: April 1, 2018

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Representative Director and President and Chief Executive Officer
Hideyuki Hongo
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