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What is Marketing Automation(MA)tool ?

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A tool to visualize and automate marketing activities in customer development.

In order to create new customers, marketing activities are required to provide
"optimal content" with "optimal timing" and "optimal channel" for the interests and behaviors of each potential customer.
However, enormous manpower is required to implement this.
Perhaps many people are worried that they can't do it even if they want to follow prospective customers.
Therefore, the "Marketing Automation Tool (hereinafter" MA Tool ")" was developed to streamline and automate the operations part of human marketing.


Demand generation can be done more easily

In recent years, the idea of ​​"demand generation" has become more important for marketing activities in the B2B industry.
This is a technique that leads to business opportunities while gradually advancing the following three steps.

The MA tool plays a role of consistently and automatically performing an acquisition of prospective customers and the 
unified management of collected information; also the acquisition of selection, development, and narrowing down of hot leads
(potential customers who have a strong desire to purchase).


MA Tool is a tool for smoothly executing demand generation.

What is demand generation?

Why marketing automation is needed

Companies generally hold a list of prospects. Most of them are left abandoned for reasons such as "I'm not a customer right now", 
"There are very few people that I can follow from the tens of thousands," and so on. MA tools play an important role in nurturing activities by dividing these neglected leads into segments according to the status of consideration. The MA tool is an indispensable tool to grow and identify hot leads by raising them without leaving them.

Reference article:What is Marketing Automation? Summary of knowledge required for introduction

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