2. Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Cloud CIRCUS, Inc.
Executive  CEO: Kenichi Kitamura     COO: Akihiro Kanai
Total employees  233 (171 employees, 62 contractors, and staff) *As of July 1, 2021
Date of Establishment July 1, 2021 (Startia Labs and Mtame have changed their name to Cloud Circus on July 1, 2021.)
Head Office ShinjukuMonorisu19F, Nishishinjuku-2-3-1Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 163-0919, Japan Access Map
Capital 150 million yen
Main Business Development and sales of "Cloud Circus", a digital marketing SaaS, and consulting and commissioned work related to digital marketing

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BowNow Guide

BowNow Guide

>This is the basic material for the marketing automation tool "BowNow". A summary of features, features and pricing plans.

Marketing Automation Introduction confirmation sheet

Marketing Automation
Introduction confirmation sheet

>First of all, let's check the current situation of the company before introducing marketing automation.

We at Cloud CIRCUS have provided digital marketing support with our IT tools and consulting.
Between our various products, we have 20,000+ license accounts in active use today.
In particular, our marketing automation tool BowNow has been integrated into over 6,000+ businesses.

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