2. What is BowNow

What is BowNow ?


B2B Friendly Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use Marketing Automation Platform

The Concept of BowNow is a low cost, easy-to use service for B2B companies with limited resources and budget, but would like access to a Marketing Automation tool.
Multi-functional MA tools require advanced knowledge of product and resources. However, BowNow was devloped as a simplified Marketing Automation tool for anyone to start an immediate increase in marketing and business process productivity.


POINT.1Simple Design

No Complicated Settings!
Increase Efficiency and Create More
New Business Opportunities

Easy-to-use without any complicated settings and configuration on user side.
Simple design allowes users to minimize set-up time and kickstart a productive sales
and marketing process.

ABM template allows a comparison of performance results.

By utilzing BowNow and segmenting target audiences by level of interest,
user can prioritize prospects and modify approaches accordingly. 


Automatically Extract Hot List

Just turn on the template settings and
automatically categorize users by their interest level.
You can visually see a hot list to follow up immediately.


Simple Operation 

Simple Operation enables commercial team to get up to speed and focus on generating business opportunities. This will increase the number of opportunities.

BowNow is a user fiendly UI / UX compared with other MA tools, so users can get started easily.


Choose Only the Functions You Need

Stress-free and easy to understand functions created specifically for companies without a robust marketing team. 

POINT.2Immediate Results


Immediate Results Upon Implementation
Start Mid-to-long-term Nurturing Activities

The primary purpose of the MA tool is for lead nurturing activities.
Lead nurturing activities require a medium-to-long-term perspective.

BowNow has the necessary functions to start lead nurturing.
The main objective is to gain immediate results.

You can search customer data in detail and extract hot leads automatically.
There are many functions to find "hot" users now.


Quick Win

In order to achieve results in the short term,
it is important to approach a hot lead while warming a cold lead.

First, by extracting the hot leads you already have,
the most recent results can be achieved.


Basics of Leads Nurturing Activities

With general MA tools, you often struggle with complicated settings and scenarios when performing leads nurturing activities.

With BowNow, you can lay a simple foundation for lead nurturing activities.


All You Need is a Sales Organization

The scoring and scenario features help companies that already have some marketing activities streamline their activities.

BowNow is a tool for companies who want to start marketing.

Create an organization to perform marketing and sales.

POINT.3Quick Start

Start Smart!
Change Functions as Needed

Start marketing activities with minimal cost.

Start small with the basics and add more functions when needed.

Improve your marketing skills now.


Free Demonstration

Experience BowNow prior to purchase. 

Demonstration is for those interested and want to test and use first.


Simple Pricing Plan

BowNow has a pricing plan that charges for necessary functions.

You can select only the functions you need,
with no extra cost for unused functions.


You Can Use Immediately

You can start using 3STEP after issuance of your account.

No complicated settings are required.
The operation screen is simple, so you can start using immediately.


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