2. Functions


" User freidnly" Marketing Automation Tool BowNow!

Variety of BowNow fuctions will increase your productivity and help SMB to manage Marketing Automation with limited resources and budget.


Automatic hot-list extraction

Automatically categorize users by status without designing scoring or scenarios.
The user list you should approach now is automatically extracted.

The results of the introduced 3500 companies are made into templates, and business meeting can be created efficiently without complicated settings such as scenarios and scoring.

Sales process support

BowNow is marketing automation for sales.

For example, if a customer who had a business deal with you in the past takes any action, the sales representative will be notified.
In addition, you can keep an activity history in BowNow and manage the situation. A wealth of functions for efficient sales activities.


Corpolate information analysis ※βver.

The company name, type of business, and company size of the user who visited your site can be automatically determined.
In other words, it is possible to analyze the company information of anonymous users who have just visited the site.

In addition, you can search by detailed criteria and analyze whether your target company is visiting the site.
It is also possible to create a list to approach from that information.

User information analysis

Users who clear certain conditions can analyze who sees what page on an individual basis.
It is also possible to search in detail by actions such as browsing page log and clicking on email.

Marketers can of course send segment emails.
In addition, sales can be approached based on the information that users are interested in.


Inquiry form creation

Web forms can be easily created and installed on existing company websites.
By increasing the number of web forms, you can set conversion points, which leads to an increase in inquiries from websites.

Email marketing

You can send an e-mail to the user groups grouped by the advanced condition search.

In addition, by registering business cards owned by the company in a batch, you can send e-mail to lists that have been left untouched.
From the subsequent action log and browsing log, you can approach customers with high consideration levels and perform activities to create business negotiations.


Activity visualization

The extracted list is automatically graphed for each management information and company information.

In addition, click inflow can be measured in conjunction with measures other than BowNow such as advertising,
and it can be used for analysis and management of measures.

Privacy protection

A function to display a list of tools that have acquired cookies on the site using BowNow can be optionally provided.

The provider, Mtame Co., Ltd. (Startia Holdings) has obtained ISMS certification and has a secure security system as a MA tool.


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