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【Sales】Increase the appointment rate via telephone

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【Sales】Increase the appointment rate via telephone

Department : Sales
Objective : Streamline business meeting creation operations.

According to a sales awareness survey we conducted in March 2018, telephone appointments were the second most common method of new business development, indicating that many companies are still using it as a sales tool.

At first glance, it may seem contradictory to combine MA tools that automate marketing activities and generate business negotiations efficiently by phone. Using BowNow, creating new business appointments via the telephone can be made more efficient.

In this article, we will introduce how to use BowNow to increase the appointment rate of tele-appointments for companies that do not have marketing staff.


How to utilize BowNow to solve challenges

  1. Determine the triggering conditions for a charge
  2. Determine the triggering conditions to be charged
  3. Fill in BowNow with the approached information.

In order to increase the appointment rate of telephone appointments, it is important to send calls to people and companies with whom you have contact, rather than using a white list (a list with only the names of companies with which you have no contact), and to think about the content of your talk based on your understanding of the needs of the person or company.

And when you approach them, MA tools can help you imagine their issues and make proposals that suit them to some extent.

With BowNow, you can analyze the behavioral log of users who visit your website, such as the names of companies and individuals, how many pages they visit, and when they respond to your emails. The appointment rate will be much higher if you approach a company with users visiting their website rather than a company you have no contact with.

In fact, in our case study, we found that the appointment rate for telemarketing calls to companies with which we had no contact was 1.8%, while the appointment rate for calls to lists with company logs was 5.8%.

Also, to increase the appointment rate, it is important to send a text message to someone who has taken some action. For example, if you have a personal log and they have accessed your website, they may have viewed a trigger page or downloaded a document. In our case study, the appointment rate for this kind of list was up to 8.1%.

However, the appointment rate and the degree of difficulty will vary between telephone appointments with a list of people who only know the company name and telephone appointments with users who have downloaded documents.

If you have the know-how and resources to sell new business, you can start with telemarketing to a list of companies. If the opposite is true, it is better to create content first and then approach the response. Start according to your own situation.

For your reference, the following are the hot conditions used by BowNow users.
→Multiple users from one company, high PV count, multiple accesses in a short period of time, response to emails for people with high consideration level, a high number of sessions, exposure to many marketing measures, and companies considering in the past are retaking action.

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