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Efficient use of MA can bring in new customers! |Kenbisha Co.

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Kenbisha Co.

Location Otemae Century Building, 1-5-13 Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
Business Activity
  • Plastic card printing business, IC card sales, application production
URL https://www.kenbisha.co.jp/


Efficient use of MA can bring in new customers!


Please introduce your company 

Mr. Kawane
: We are a printing company that specializes in printing on plastic cards, and we also sell IC cards and related products, and in 2021 we started a business to produce smartphone applications for sales promotion.


【Challenges before implementation】Expand our channels to attract customers and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Why did you decide to implement MA?

Mr. Kawane
: Our company used to rely on web advertising to attract customers. It would be nice if the amount of money we spent on advertising would yield results, but that doesn't happen very often. The cost of advertising was increasing every year to get results. In addition, since we were relying on a single route to attract customers, we were concerned about the risk when the environment changed.

We wanted to get away from relying on web advertising to attract customers.

In addition, although the number of leads from advertisements and blogs had been increasing little by little, we were only able to make contact with those customers when they made inquiries or when we had business meetings with them. We felt that it would be good to have some kind of communication with the customers in the consideration stage before that. We thought that if we could approach them before the business meeting, we would be able to capture customers that we had not seen before.

When I learned about MA at that time, I thought it would be the perfect tool to solve our problems, and I was also attracted by MA's mail magazine function and the ability to keep log information.

In the printing industry, products are produced based on requests from customers, so if the content of the request and the data are the same, any company can produce products of a certain level of quality. That's why it's easy to fall into price competition. However, I was thinking that if we could approach our business not only through price, but also from other aspects to convey the appeal of our company, it would lead to differentiation.

For example, we could provide useful information or make people think that the company is somewhat pleasant. Even if there are no orders, if we can keep a good distance from our customers, they will remember us first when there is an emergency.

I thought that MA would be able to solve such issues and requests.

【Selection Points】Succeeded in closing deals with previously untouchable groups

What was the deciding factor for you to use BowNow?


Mr. Kawane: I looked around at several companies, but I already had a good feeling about BowNow when I downloaded the documents. The price was the deciding factor. Also, the simple functions were attractive.

Since I am the only one who is dedicated to web-related work at our company, I wanted to introduce a tool that I could use by myself. If it had a lot of functions, I might not be able to use it, and I might end up using it only once. I thought that BowNow, with its narrowly focused functions, could be used without thinking about unnecessary things.

【Measures & Effects】Getting calls from dormant customers by sending out a newsletter.

What kind of measures are you currently using BowNow for?


Mr. Kawane: The first thing we worked on was to set up a document download form. This coincided with the renewal of our paper catalog, so we immediately converted the data to PDF and installed it on the site. We also made the design templates for printing available for anyone to download.

Until now, we hadn't set up a form because we didn't see the benefit of creating a document for download. So when we introduced MA, we realized that downloading documents can be used in this way. Since we can see who is interested in what kind of materials, we can now segment our leads and approach them efficiently.

In addition to the document download form, we have also started sending out mail magazines, DMs from the log, and sales department-centered webinars.

As for the mail magazine, we were already able to attract customers from the website, so we are now transferring that information to BowNow for distribution. We send out information about new products, webinars, and blog posts that we think will be useful in the future.

We've been working with other departments to create the newsletter, and since a template was provided, even people who had never touched it before said, "I think I can do this," and they were able to use it right away.

BowNow's functions are simple, so it was easy for us to share what we need to say, such as "Let's start a mail magazine" or "Let's make a form to promote downloading of documents".

What specific results have you seen since you started your marketing efforts?

Mr. Kawane:We have established a system where our sales staff call customers who have downloaded our materials as soon as possible, and we have received several orders from them. This was an unprecedented way to obtain orders.

The customers who downloaded our materials are those who are considering purchasing but have not yet made an inquiry, so we have not been able to reach them before. It was great to be able to approach these customers early and lead them to business negotiations.

We also started webinars at the same time as sending out mail magazines. In the beginning, I had a hard time attracting customers even with the mail magazine, but after a lot of trial and error, I tried sending an e-mail the day before the event. But after much trial and error, I sent out an email the day before the event and received applications one after another. I was surprised to see how much difference the timing of the email made. I was surprised at how much of a difference the timing of the mailings made.

I haven't fully mastered the functions of BowNow yet, so I'm expecting to see more results once I do.

【Future Outlook】Strengthen our current measures to achieve better results.

What would you like to challenge in the future with BowNow and marketing initiatives?

Mr. Kawane: I would like to increase the number of materials, categorize them according to the attributes of the users who downloaded them, and approach them precisely. I would like to try various measures to increase the number of contracts while lowering the current advertising costs to the same level or lower. I would like to diversify the number of customers I attract since they are still unevenly distributed.

Also, I would like to strengthen the distribution of e-mail newsletters. Now that we are gradually getting cooperation from other departments in our company in the operation of BowNow, we would like to develop e-mail newsletters that deliver information that is really necessary to our customers, such as segmented distribution, and that can get reactions from them.

I would also like to send email newsletters to people who have not yet reached the point of business negotiations or who have stopped moving after exchanging business cards, to impress them with our company.

【Customer Voice】This is my very favorite tool!

What do you expect from BowNow and Cloud Circus Inc. in the future, and what is your message to those who are considering implementing BowNow?

Mr. Kawane: I think BowNow is attractive because of its narrowed down functions and low price to start. The overall simplicity makes it easy to focus on what needs to be done. I think there are still many small and medium-sized companies that cannot secure enough resources for web marketing operations. For such companies, I recommend an MA tool like BowNow that is to the point.

Even though the functions have been narrowed down to what is truly necessary, it is still necessary to fit the company's business model and sales style in order to use it 100%. If we can adjust this point well while repeating improvements, I feel that the effect of BowNow will still be significant.

I also appreciated the long follow-up and the parallel support from the person in charge when it was first introduced. The functions are simple, so it wasn't hard to get used to, but as I was using MA for the first time, there were times when I had trouble using it.
That's why I really appreciated that they set small goals for us, such as "let's do this first," "let's do this next," and "this is a good idea," and worked with us to solve them.

They gave us advice on what our company needed and how to do it according to our situation, so it was easy for us to visualize what would happen if this measure was successful.

BowNow is a tool that I like very much. I would like to use it more to get better results.

Thank you very much!

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