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In Good Times or Bad Lead Generation Wins

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Often when business is moving and times are good, lead generation strategies take a backseat. However, this is exactly the period that marketers should continue the push and build relationships. No better time exemplifies this the most than the current COVID pandemic. It's exactly right now that many sales teams have been caught flatfooted and need those points of contact the most. Let's explore some lead gen techniques for getting a bigger and robust pipeline.

When we look at the numbers one of the best returns on time spent is email. A significant number of marketers rate email as their best method for lead generation activity. And the time that is necessary to craft an email marketing message can be minimal. Top marketers state that starting with something relevant and within the right segment is the key objective. Continuing to give value over time can not only lead to clarifying a value proposition, but will also build trust. The good news is that even the novice marketer can build their email skills and improve in a short amount of time.

Another proven method for generating leads is through customer success stories. We can all learn from the triumphs of others and savvy marketers understand that these lessons can attract interest from prospective clients. This is a way to show that ROI is not only possible, but has been achieved due to the product or service. Social proof is built and gives companies or individuals the confidence to move forward with the proposition.

Crafting a call to action (CTA) for prospective clients is a great way to generate leads. This can be started from almost anywhere on the web, such as your company/personal social profile, website, or available content. This CTA should encourage the reader to move and one of the best ways to engage is through a targeted landing page. It will demonstrate to the lead what exactly the action is and convey a message. Company websites are great marketing tools, but they often leave visitors confused with taking no action. Landing pages avoid this as the message is clear and necessary actions easy to understand.

In the world of COVID many marketers are wishing they stuck to lead generation strategies when the times were good. However, it's not too late to craft some strategies that put you at an advantage now and into the next market cycle. 

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