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Streamlining the burden of sales for freelancers with MA|Web Factories, Inc.

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Web Factories, Inc.

Location Shinjuku Daishi Hayama Building 3F, 1-36-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business Activity Support for corporate business improvement and business efficiency through the use of IT
URL https://www.web-factories.com/


MA streamlines the sales process, which is a heavy burden for freelancers.

Please introduce your company 

Mr. Miki: I provide consulting services to help automate and improve the efficiency of business operations using IT. Since I work as a freelancer, I am the only employee of the company. I provide support to a variety of clients regardless of their industry, such as manufacturing and logistics.


【Challenges before implementation】Make our sales activities more efficient with limited resources.

Why did you decide to implement MA?


Mr. Miki: I was working alone in sales, accounting, consulting, etc., so it was hard to find time for sales activities. I wanted to streamline my work somehow.
So, since I knew what MA was, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce it.

As I mentioned earlier, I work alone and have limited resources to allocate. In this situation, it is inefficient to make phone calls or send emails frantically. We wanted to choose the most promising customers to approach, and we wanted those customers to contact us.
I thought an MA tool would be the best way to achieve this goal.

【Selection Points】The functions and price range met my needs.

What was the deciding factor for you to use BowNow and Blue Monkey?


Mr. Miki: We looked at the products of other companies, but we felt that the overall scale of their systems and price range did not match our needs. On the other hand, your product seemed to be easy to use with limited functions, and the price was low, so we thought BowNow would be a good choice for us. I was also attracted by the fact that it was free to use up to a certain level of functionality.

I used the free version at first, but it was very easy to use, and I was interested in the email delivery service that was not available in the free version, so I moved to the paid version and am using it now.

【Measures & Effects】Follow up by sending emails and downloading materials.

What kind of measures are you currently using BowNow for?


Mr. Miki: We created a form for requesting information. We also send out e-mails. For new customers, we send out e-mails explaining what we can do for them, and for existing customers, we send out regular information and e-mails asking about their current situation.
If we receive a reply, we follow up with them.

What specific results have you seen since you started your marketing efforts?

Mr. Miki: We have had a case where a new customer downloaded our materials, and we followed up with a phone call or email to set up a business meeting.
It's good to know who downloaded the materials. It is also useful to know the information that was accessed even after a week or two.

In the case of email marketing, if people go to the website from the email and look at the information, we can see what they are interested in, which helps us to think about what we can propose.

【Future Outlook】Increase intermediate conversions.


Mr. Miki: We would like to increase intermediate conversions. I would like to increase the number of contents and downloadable materials.

Also, I haven't mastered all the functions yet, so I'd like to get better at using them. I would like to be able to extract data by conditions, download CSV files, and do many other things.

【Customer Voice】I'm so grateful for your ongoing support!

What do you expect from BowNow in the future?


Mr. Miki: It allows you to approach people efficiently, so I recommend it to people who want to streamline their sales process or are worried about how to approach people.

Also, the support system was very good. There are times when I am so pressed for time that I can't do anything about BowNow's measures, but they continuously follow up with me once a week and give me advice on what I can do even though I don't have much time, which motivates me.
Normally, I thought that support meant asking questions about what I don't understand and having them answer, but I found it very gratifying to receive advice on how to do things effectively with a best fit to our company's situation.
I would like to recommend this kind of support to anyone who is considering introducing this system.

Thank you very much!

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