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What’s Working: Social Media Marketing in Asia

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Estimates show that there are over 1 billion social media users in Asia alone. That gives a marketer quite a target when thinking about the best way to promote. And although Asia is a massive market, usage is fragmented depending on the country and region. What works in Korea might not work in Japan, and what is effective in Indonesia may not yield the same results in Vietnam. Each market has its own characteristics and should be approached accordingly while looking at the latest trends.  

A major trend that has developed and continues to develop in Asia is messenger services through social media. And no one country has a monopoly. Although Facebook has a decent market presence across the region, in many countries it by no means dominates.  

Take Line for example. This is the top messaging app in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. What once was used for mere text communication has taken over other parts of individuals' lives. Users can call taxis from the app for transportation services. And food delivery is just a few taps away to get some of your favorite bites in no time at all. But one of the biggest transformations for the app is around business services. Overwhelmingly, businesses in Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia are using the app to engage with consumers. In many instances, this is the go-to platform for buyers when wanting to purchase something with speed and flexibility.  

When looking for the next big thing in Asia, many might be surprised to learn that Instagram is creating a niche in its own way. Whereas many social media platforms provide for business services, Instagram is laser focused on fashion, food, and entertainment. And this angle is really boosting results in the young female segment. With its refined and pronounced photos, Instagram is becoming a virtual shopping mall for the masses in the region. Having already a strong footprint in Japan, the app’s reputation continues to grow in the retail space. For social media marketers looking for to do well with their young, female audience in the retail sector, Instagram has proven to be the platform to invest in.

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