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Experimental Marketing Going Forward

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It has been some time since experimental marketing has been at the forefront of marketing. With much of the world still frozen to events, it has been hard to even think about experimental marketing, which is generally focused around events. However, this may be changing as some parts of the world start to open up. And with much demand for new ideas that have not been possible for a while experimental marketing may be due for a comeback.  

A major goal of experimental marketing is building awareness. This goes beyond just connection with the brand but connecting further in a meaningful way and why the medium of an event has such a powerful impact. The consumer not only comes into contact with the brand, but forms a real connection, or bond. For example, Red Bull has made a name for itself sponsoring events that center on extreme sports. Whether its diving from high peaks, to racing cars in exotic locales, Red Bull has positioned itself at the center of experimental marketing. In fact, the case could be made that no company does it better. Pushing the right buttons in an untraditional, but penetrating way is exactly what many companies are trying to do in an ultra-competitive landscape. 

Now, once we are past the part of brand awareness, smart experimental marketers are trying to trigger a purchase. The best way to do this is getting the customer in contact with the product or service. The connection needs to be one of feeling, identity, and emotion. The company Mars with its candy product M&Ms has been doing this for years. And their flavor rooms are a great example. These rooms are set up and allow people to try potential new M&M flavors. If enough people decide that they like a particular flavor, then there is a chance that it will make it to market. In the meantime, consumers are contemplating how many M&Ms they would like to stock up on. This is a great example of experimental marketing both in the planning and execution. 

Lastly, what many marketers are attempting to do is also show off. It really would not be an experimental event with in not being at least somewhat off-the-wall. A great event will do this and allow not only an emotional connection with the product or service, but also create an eagerness to purchase it.  

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