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#1 inbound contribution to the business is content marketing x BowNow's customer nurturing| NOKID,inc.

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Company Name: Nokid, Inc.
URL:  https://nokid.jp/


Number 1 inbound contribution to the business is content marketing x BowNow's customer nurturing


Business Activities

Our services include PR animation production in the entertainment field, animated music videos suitable for expressing the world view of music artists, and video production in conjunction with event planning.

Our strength lies in our PR support system, which can be entrusted with everything from planning and production to effective promotional activities.


【Challenges before implementation】


Reasons for Selection 
  • Increase the number of inquiries from our website
  • Enhance engagement utilzing email nurture program
Outbound sales efforts had exhausted the sales staff, as many customers were in the information-gathering stage. In addition, the time available to spend with customers who were still in the process of considering a prospective project was also reduced, so content marketing was launched in earnest to build an inbound system.

As the owned media started to grow and the number of positive inquiries began to increase, we decided to further strengthen content marketing as we were in a position to improve the quality of our business negotiations. In order to strengthen content marketing, the introduction of an MA tool was a must. This was because a major issue was that the company was not building a flow to convert customers in the "information gathering stage," such as downloading materials into customers, which was causing opportunity losses.

However, the company's size and knowledge did not require a large-scale system, while a simple e-mail distribution tool would be meaningless, so we were looking for the right balance.


【Why BowNow?】

Reasons for Selection 
  • Easy and cost-effectively priced
  • Ease of use and visibility
  • Simple functional design with no complicated features
  • Technical support, support system with dedicated customer success

A major reason is the balance between price and features. What surprised us was that the dedicated customer success support prevents us from not being able to maximize the use of the system because we don't understand it, which tends to be an issue after the introduction of the system.

Also, just because the price is low does not mean that it is inferior in terms of functionality, and I have the impression that there will be no problems even if you introduce "this one for now" as your first tool. Since it is equipped with essential functions such as step mailings for each material, each mail's reach rate, open rate, and link click rate, I have the impression that it is not suitable for large scale companies that require linkage with other tools, special circumstances, or very detailed settings. I think it is just right for specific requests like our company's.


  • E-mail distribution
  • White paper download using BowNow form
  • Activities based approach
  • Site analysis and approach activities based on company logs
  • Email nurturing

Thanks to our dedicated support staff, we are able to take full advantage of the features. We are creating synergy with content marketing by utilizing the download status of materials, site access status, and visualization of behavioral history.

Emails are sent once or twice a week, but in the future we plan to make it possible to provide segmented information based on customer behavior.

【Results of using BowNow and changes in the company】


We are maintaining an open rate of over 50% for emails to our retention list. Before the introduction of the system, we received only a few inbound inquiries per month, but after the introduction of the system, we have been able to receive 20 to 30 inquiries per month as a result of our customer development efforts.

Inbound business opportunities are several times larger than outbound business opportunities, but because inbound business is based on the assumption that a deal will be concluded, the largest contribution to business performance comes from site inflows through content marketing and customer nurturing through BowNow.

【Customer Voice】

The UI is simple and easy to understand, and the information that can be obtained is sufficient, so we recommend that you try it out "for now" and see how it works.

Thank you very much!

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