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Webinar: Get Started with Inside Sales

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Date: Wednesday 30 November, 2022  2:00 PM~ (Malaysia)

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 If this sounds like you, don't miss out on this event!

  • You are searching for a way to improve your current sales and improve effiency in your organization
  • You're working in B2B sales, whether as a sales rep yourself or in management
  • You're considering starting up inside sales or wish to strengthen your current inside sales team

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In the last few years, we've seen inside sales (also called sales development representatives or SDRs) rapidly grow to become a standard role in B2B sales teams. Inside sales focuses solely on prospecting and finding quality leads to pass on to the sales executives, who then focus on holding meetings with customers and closing sales. By splitting up the work load, your inside sales and sales executives can complete their tasks much more efficiently since they only have to focus on one part of sales, and they can quickly become experts in their specialized area. 

In this seminar, we'll show you how you too can set up an inside sales team from scratch, with a simple step-by-step process. Whether you're already considering trying something new in sales, or already have an inside sales force but hope to improve their results, this training session will equip you with plenty of actionable advice to get started and start seeing an increase in sales in the short term. 

Please also note that this seminar is held regularly.
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Seminar Topic

■ Get Started with Inside Sales

・What is inside sales?
・Why it matters to your business
・KPIs to measure inside sales success
・Preparation before starting up inside sales
・How to start up inside sales in 3 steps

■ Q&A Session

Please note that the content may be subject to minor changes.
Due to the nature of this event, participants from the same industry are respectfully requested to refrain from attending.

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Event Details

Date and time Wednesday, 30 November, 2022 From 2:00 - 3:00 PM (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Time)
*Individual consultations will be available after the seminar.
Language English
Participation Cost Free

Chiho Endo (Cloud Circus, Inc.)

Capacity 50 people *First come, first serve.
Caution We reserve the right to reject applications from competitors/companies in the same industry at our discretion.
Please refrain from recording or taking pictures during the seminar.
Keep in mind that the content of the project may be subject to minor changes.


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