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Vietnam: More Engagement Means More Digital Marketing Opportunities

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With Vietnam having been a success story for containing COVID-19, both business and consumers are eager to get more active in 2021. And the combination of a young population and increasing internet penetration has the ability to create quite a force.  But until things become more fully normalized marketers will need to focus on what works now. Three good places to start are: video, on-line events, and podcasts.

Video continues to take off in Vietnam with the biggest platforms being Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Increasingly TikTok is becoming the medium of choice for the youth, whereas YouTube seems to be more popular with older cohorts with its established and recognized brand. Since prior social patterns are still largely contained due to the pandemic, video now carries all the weight. As a sub-trend, savvy marketers are using the popularity of influencers to increase traffic and further utilize video.

With social gathering still largely limited in scope, other ways to connect and exchange are taking form. Businesses are eager to find new clients, but methods once available are not. This is where the virtual forum and webinar comes in. The great news is that B2B and B2C clients are now more than ever willing to participate with ease of joining. But the real challenge is converting those prospects into revenue. Most businesses have been able to find and implement a form of virtual conference or presentation activity online, but the true test and challenge is pushing the results further down the funnel.




Lastly, audio is making an impact on the scene in the form of podcasts. When looking at the overall possible exposure versus the relative ease, this form of content marketing is producing strong returns in Vietnam. Music has been the bridge in the form of Spotify, but podcasts also becoming a force in their own right. With busy and hectic schedules consumers obviously enjoy the ability to multitask and listen to their favorite content providers. Quality of content was a concern before, but legitimate hosts are now on board so it is becoming easier to connect to well know names and voices.

In partnership with Vitalify Asia Co. Ltd. (headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Startia Holdings, Inc., entered the Vietnam market about 5 months ago in January 2021 to introduce MA tool "BowNow" in order to support the digital transformation (DX) of businesses and services in Vietnam.

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