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Top Marketing Automation Challenges

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With what is available in terms of marketing automation today, every marketing campaign should be a huge success. Wait a minute, not so fast. Sure, the technology itself is surely a boon to marketing, however this assumes that marketing automation can be done properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the situation that marketers find themselves in. Let’s look at some current challenges that are setting teams back. 

It's true that marketing automation platforms come at a cost and often that cost is not cheap. In fact, most companies that use the systems are large enterprises. But more and more small to mid-sized companies are also starting to utilize the software. Regardless, it's important to have the right onboarding with this type of technology due to its often complex nature. One of the biggest reasons for failure with marketing automation is not having a team that understands how to use the tool properly. Without the right base understanding, hours, days, weeks, and also money can be thrown away on a system without results. According to many experts, the key here is to make sure not only the right onboarding takes place, but also top-level support is delivered once the implementation begins.  

Also having the right data is place from the start goes without saying. Often marketers have done a tremendous job of setting up the right automated platform just to find themselves in a position to not fully utilize the setup. Data is like oxygen, and without it any marketing strategy is sure to die without this basic element. This is why correct data gathering is so important over time. Take email for example. A large percentage of addresses become invalid every year. Without the right scrubbing and updating of data on a regular basis, marketers will find their promising communication unable to be delivered.  

It would be remiss to leave out content. With the right platform and data in place, it really comes down to content to grab the audience. This is another challenge for marketers when communicating. But if the message is customized and segmented, there is a good chance to attract the reader’s interest.  

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