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What is Hot Lead ?

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Define “hot” leads for your company

One of the important purposes of launching marketing automation and inside sales is how to increase "leads that are beneficial to your company,"
that is, "hot leads." And to increase this "hot lead," it is necessary to define what "hot lead" is for your company.

Although we often hear marketing issues and support the introduction of MA tools,
many companies do not fully define the conditions of this "hot lead."

Recommended conditions for defining hot leads

Examination level Potential (customer condition)

In the above-mentioned "Companies that do not have well-defined conditions," the judgment is made only at the review level,
and in many cases, the judgment is made only based on the rough element "when a request for a quote comes; it is hot."

 Examination level

Review levels are used to define some of the steps a prospective customer should take to purchase their product or
service and to understand their level of attentiveness.

For example, it is good to measure the degree of consideration like a BANT condition. Still, if you can grasp where the prospective customer's consideration stage is currently stopped, as shown in the figure below,
you can identify the degree of consideration and set the status to some extent. You can implement an approach that will take you to the next stage.

* BANT condition: A method of segmenting sales projects by focusing on the four conditions of budget, decision-making power, necessity, and time of introduction


It is important to deliver content according to this consideration level to have the optimal approach,
where the information conveyed to users with low consideration level differs from the information conveyed to high user

Previously, the level of consideration could only be measured by “listening to sales personnel.”
However, with the advent of MA tools, it has become possible to predict the study level to some extent based on the website,
email browsing status, DL of specific materials, and participation in events.

The content itself, as described above, is divided into "information that only the person who is considering confirms" and
"information that the person who may consider in the future confirms," so classify the content that corresponds to the examination level firmly. ,
Publishing online is very important.


In addition to the above, several measurement methods are unique to B2B.
We would be grateful if you could use it as a reference for your own examination level measurement.

◆Examination level extraction condition(example)

  • Accessing multiple people from one company
  • I access it many times in a short time
  • There are many sessions
  • A lot of marketing measures are touched
  • Companies that were considering in the past take action again

 Potential (customer condition)

The potential is used to define the conditions of companies and persons in charge who have a high probability of purchasing their own product service
(satisfaction by using their product service) and grasp the level of hotness.

As mentioned earlier, many companies do not have well-defined customers (targets) that are beneficial to them,
or do not have a common understanding within the company.

These are the elements that can be said to merit starting ABM (Account-Based Marketing).
Please check this out for details.

◆Elements that make up the potential


Company information


Contact information


Company information

It consists of industry, company size (sales, number of employees, capital), region, etc.
If you select an industry with a sense of scale that is beneficial to your company and that is
easy to solve problems with many cases, the effectiveness of marketing measures and sales approaches will increase.


Contact information

It is organized by job category, department, job title, gender, age, and literacy.
Even the person in charge of the same company has different information to convey depending on whether
it is for the marketing department or the information system department.

If the company conditions and personnel conditions that are beneficial to your company have a common understanding within the company,
not only will you minimize marketing and operating costs, but you will not waste resources.

In extreme terms, the level of consideration is extremely high. Still, if you have customers who do not match your product's unit price at all,
you will continue to use useless advertising expenses and resources. Hence, the level of consideration is still low. However,
it can be said that approaching leads with high potential has a higher final effect.

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