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Blog Site Comparison - What is the Best Site to Start Blogging For Your Business?

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As COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, the way we work is shifting more to digital. Not many companies were familiar with remote work in Japan before this pandemic. However, those companies started focusing on online sales and web marketing now. The demand for the service and tools to facilitate online sales and marketing has been increased. Content marketing is what you can start with at no cost. Blogging is one of the ways to start content marketing. For those who are new to blogging, the first step is to choose a platform to build your blog from tons of blog sites is complicated. Let's take a look at three popular platforms used for blogging.

Why is Blogging Important?

Why should you start blogging? Is it worth doing? Here are some possible merits that you can get from blogging.

  • Increase Your Brand Awareness

If you want to sell your products or offer online services, blogging can help your brand awareness, and it’s free. Not everyone can have a store on the street, but an online platform.

  • Can Expand Your Connection with others.

Blogging expands your connections with someone who has the same hobby or needs your information. There are infinite possibilities to meet new people online. Personally, I met my best friend on Twitter and met my boyfriend on a dating app.

  • Blog Posts Are Your Assets

Blog posts are your diary.

  • Possible to Earn Extra Money

Self-hosted allows you to show ads, and you can earn every time a user clicks through from your website or purchase.



90% of all the blogs on the Internet use WordPress. Many famous companies such as Vogue, Toyota use wordpress.org for their official websites and blogs.

Good to use for

  • Business blog
  • Affiliate marketing blog


You can do whatever you want on wordpress.org. With plugin features, you can improve SEO.


  • Need server ex) land
  • Need domain = url ex) address
  • Maintaining the site
  • Editing is more difficult than other hosted-site like WIX

Because you own your site, you need to keep in mind that you are responsible for setting up from the beginning and maintaining your site.


  • Server $4/month
  • Domain name $10-14/month
  • Web hosting cost $7.99/month




Wordpress.com is distinct from wordpress.org. It’s free, and you have limited access to your blog site.

Good to use for

  • Small hobby blog
  • Beginner to blogging


  • It’s free!
  • WordPress do maintenance
  • Easy to transfer your sites to wordpress.org

For those who want to start blogging and hopefully get paid for it, a free plan on wordpress.com is recommended. After you get used to using wordpress.com, you can easily move your blog site to wordpress.org.


  • Subdomain
  • Narrow customization, third-party themes, and plugins are not available for the free plan
  • Ads are banned on lower plans
  • Your site should follow the site regulation
  • Ads and branding shows on your site unless you pay to remove them

Because you don’t have much control over your site and need to follow their regulations, you can’t remove ads and list affiliate ads on your blog.
You don’t have access to the SEO-friendly plugin feature, which is one of the greatest features of WordPress.


$0 for the free plan
Up to $300 for an upgrade plan



Similar to Squarespace
Suited for

  • A small business website with a blog


  • Many templates are available
  • design is fashionable
  • Easy setup → Drag and drop features, No coding skill is required
  • AI can design your sites automatically
  • Many stock images are available


  • The free plan has limited features (storage, traffic)
  • Free plan show ads and Wix branding
  • You can’t change your template once it is set
  • Not able to move your site elsewhere


  • A free plan is available
  • $13/ month for 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB storage added a custom domain
  • Higher plan more bandwidth, storage, free domains, apps, online site, no ads
  • The highest plan ($39 a month) comes with VIP support

Wix is easier than any other site to build your site, and a cool design template is available at no cost. However, it will be costly if you want to make your site a more personal one.



If you want to earn extra money from blogging, We would highly recommend starting from a free plan on wordpress.com and determine if you want to upgrade the plan. WIX is good for use if you think about blogging for just a non-paid personal hobby. Also, Wix is good for those who want to create fashionable websites at no cost.

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