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Webinar: Introduction email nurturing and web tracking with CRM

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【Date and time】Thursday, October 13, 2022  14:00-15:00  (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippine Time)

【Seminar style】 The webinar will be held over Zoom.
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Join BowNow Solution Seminar to learn about the following:

  • You are about to start email marketing and inside sales activities.
  • Looking for a marketing tool that can be used by teams that are not IT experts.
  • I want to manage sales/marketing information with customers collectively in my company or team.

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This seminar will provide an overview of BowNow, a CRM & MA tool, and hands-on experience in its operation. This is a place where B2B companies can learn the know-how to manage leads while nurturing customers.

This content is very useful for any company that falls into one of the following categories

- Make the best use of the customer information I have obtained and link it to sales.
- Improve my sales team's operations.

A common challenge for management of B2B companies is to "visualize the activities of marketing and sales staff". 
And in terms of challenges for front-line staff, how to find potential customers with ease. How can we reduce wasteful work and focus on the real work?

However, there are many tools out there that are complicated and costly.
Even if you go to the trouble of introducing IT, you often fail to master it.

To solve these problems, we need a tool that is easy for field staff to use and start small.
The BowNow tool introduced here is very simple to use, with implementation costs starting at 8 USD per month.
Why not take this opportunity to consider implementing a sales management system?

Please also note that this webinar is held regularly.
Make sure you haven't attended this event already before signing up. Thanks!

Webinar Topic

■ Introduction of B2B Friendly CRM "BowNow"
■ Demonstration

Please note that the content may be subject to minor changes.
Due to the nature of this event, participants from the same industry are respectfully requested to refrain from attending.

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Event Details

Date and time Thursday, October 13, 2022 From 14:00 to 15:00  (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippine Time)
*Individual consultations will be available after the seminar.
Language English
Participation Cost Free

Chiho Endo (Cloud Circus, Inc.)

Capacity 50 people *First come, first serve.
Caution We reserve the right to reject applications from competitors/companies in the same industry at our discretion.
Please refrain from recording or taking pictures during the seminar.
Keep in mind that the content of the project may be subject to minor changes.

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