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The Power of Marketing Automation

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We all know that most marketers are short on time. And often this busyness is based on habit and doing tasks a certain way, which would include how we market. Many times, the solution is getting more done with less and this can certainly apply to marketing. This is where the beauty of marketing automation comes in.

Firstly, marketing automation has the ability to shorten the sales cycle. It can be a great feeling to kickoff a campaign and then have a flood of leads come in off the back of this activity. But the problem lies not in the leads, but the types of leads.  A marketing campaign to generate leads is just that, but what marketers really want are highly relevant leads that have the ability to convert. This is in fact what marketing automation does.

Often a targeted drip of information, or a timely ad is placed just right to convert that lead into a customer and complete the sale. And the automated process allows marketers to focus on other high-return activities such as strategy and collaboration. Another benefit that comes with automation is around data. There is no surprise that marketers love data and the right platform will allow new doors to be opened to allow for data.For example, prospects that fill out forms online, or frequently browse a certain product on a site can be targeted at a later time.

Again, this targeting will be based on real data that maximizes return on time for the marketer. Lastly, time is always a factor. A process that comes together into one platform consolidates and puts focus in one place. This end-to-end framework takes all the effort of having to log into different accounts and transfer data, etc. Marketing automation should create one dashboard for all your marketing activities, including: interactions, lead flow, website metrics, status on email campaigns, social media updates, among other activities. In the end, an investment in automation can really raise the game of the marketer and create a lot of happy clients in the process. 

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