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Key Steps With a Start to Marketing Automation

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It's important to really have a plan with what will be accomplished when starting marketing automation. All too often companies think they have some issues with marketing new clients and then set up a marketing solution. However, without knowing where the company firmly stands, utilizing tools such as marketing automation can end in disappointment. Let’s look a some ways to set yourself up for success.

Firstly, what is your point of pain. If you are trying to generate new leads then you need to focus there. Your manpower should be going into creating content that will find new customers using data. Are you trying to nurture your current data base? If that is the case, some fine tuning around providing valuable content to that group will be important. What about the amount of time that can be dedicated to a successful marketing automation program? That really needs to be established first before getting serious. Marketing automation can bring your marketing activities to a whole new level, but you will need to make sure your goals are clear first and you have a viable plan for achieving.

Once your goals are clearly defined, the correct operational flow comes next. Marketing does not work in a vacuum. Other stakeholders will need to be involved and an overall flow will need to be coordinated. Stakeholders outside of marketing can include sales, client support, product development, etc. Information should be collected and shared between teams. With a goal created, teams connected, the next step is choosing a platform.

Deciding on the right marketing automation platform will come down to several factors. Features, ease-of-use, and budget are just a few considerations. Support and consultation services with the service should also be brought up. Based on the company’s expectations and available resources, finding the right platform and partner will be the final and concluding step.

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