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Enhance relationships with customers through newsletters measures for long-term relationship building |Chuo Logistic

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CHUO co.Ltd.

Location 4-1-5 Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Business Activity Warehousing, contracting for sorting, packing, and shipping of goods, sales, and all other operations incidental thereto
URL https://www.chuoh-logistics.com/


Enhance relationships with customers through newsletter measures for long-term relationship building



Please introduce your company 

Mr. Iwashita:
We are a logistics outsourcing company. We don't just rent out warehouses, but we also undertake picking, inventory, packing and shipping work. We work with a variety of customers, including apparel companies, e-commerce companies, importers, and wholesalers.

【Challenges before implementation】Looking for a tool that is easy to use, even for a small company.

Why did you decide to implement MA?

Mr. Iwashita: We have a sales system that attracts customers from our website, and at that time, we became interested in "what did they look at to get to this page" and "who wants to know about our company". We had been using free tools, but eventually we thought it would be good if we could take a more proactive approach, so we decided to introduce MA. This is how we started implementing MA.

Actually, we had been using another company's MA tool before introducing BowNow. However, we couldn't get the most out of that tool. It was a great tool with a lot of features, but we are a small company and we don't have a marketing person, so it was too difficult for our sales people to use in between their work. ...... We felt that it was not cost effective at all.

So we decided to introduce a MA tool with simpler functions.

【Selection Points】Is it easy to use and does it do what you want it to do?

What made you choose BowNow out of the many options?

Mr. Iwashita: What we wanted to do most was to send email newsletters, so we were looking for an easy-to-use tool to send email newsletters, and we found BowNow.

We found BowNow when we were looking for an easy-to-use tool to send email newsletters. Our previous tool had a lot of things we could do, but we couldn't do them in the end, so we were attracted to BowNow because it didn't have any extra functions, but it could do what we wanted.

I am currently in charge of new sales with two other people, and I thought that we could use it while doing sales work.

【Measures and effects】Used to send out email newsletters, check sales progress, etc.

What kind of measures are you currently using BowNow for?

Mr. Iwashita: We send out e-mail newsletters. Customers of logistics services are not interested in our services when they don't need them, but when they do, they start looking for them. Therefore, if the timing is off, the lead will become a dormant customer. In order to keep the contact point open, we introduce our services in the newsletter.

It would be great if they remember us when they need us and decide to listen to us. We are now also sending out a series of newsletters on different themes.

We also use BowNow to check the progress of our sales staff. I use BowNow to check the progress of our sales staff, since only the sales staff in charge of a project can forget which projects are currently in progress.

Also, some customers inquire from one side to the other, while others inquire because they need us, so we have changed our sales approach depending on the level of interest of each customer, such as those who read the page carefully and those who inquired immediately.

What specific results have you seen since you started your marketing efforts?

Mr. Iwashita: When I first started sending email newsletters, I received a call from someone every time I sent one. The open rate was high, and I felt that people were reading it. I would like to continue the mail magazine in the future.

【Future Outlook】Renew my website.

What would you like to challenge in the future with BowNow and marketing initiatives?

Mr. Iwashita: I would like to renew our web pages. I haven't decided on a time frame, but I would like to organize the contents of the website, since it is getting old and cluttered with more services. I'd like to organize the contents of the site, and I'd like to make each service more specialized and do other things.

【Customer Voice】Great support and learning.

Can you to give a message to those who are considering to introduce BowNow?

Mr. Iwashita: BowNow has a very good support system, and we were able to proceed with the project by learning "how to do this for a mail magazine" and "how to do this from a marketing perspective." It was very helpful to have support while running with us. I also learned a lot about marketing.

For those who are thinking of introducing a new tool, there are many tools to choose from and it is hard to decide which one to choose. If you don't have a marketing specialist, I would recommend starting with BowNow. If you don't have a marketing expert, I recommend starting with BowNow. Once you have mastered it to some extent, you can think about what to do then.

Thank you very much!

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