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Established a nurturing system by introducing BowNow|AG-TECH Corporation.

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AG-TECH Corporation.


Business Activities

We sell software products such as "Actian Zen" (database product), "PreEmptive PROTECTION" (obfuscation product), and "Araxis Merge" (file comparison product). And provide technical support services for these products. Our database products, in particular, have been sold since 1986 and have been used by many users for a long time.


【Challenges before implementation】

  • Want to start nurturing (customer development activities)

As a marketing manager, I was wondering how to manage lead information in order to implement lead nurturing. Until then, I had been using an email distribution service, but it was difficult to utilize and analyze the registered information, and I felt the need for an alternative service.


【Why BowNow?】

Reasons for selection 
  • Low cost and easy to make cost-effective price range
  • Excellent support system

It was almost the same in terms of cost as the email distribution service we were already using, and since BowNow was capable of sending out simultaneous emails as well, it was not difficult for us to propose and convince them to introduce it as an alternative tool within the company. Also, in many cases, when the product is inexpensive, there is an additional cost for customer support, but with BowNow, all the costs were included in the monthly fee, so we were relieved on that point as well.


  • Email distribution

In addition to approaching leads (new customers), we also import existing customer data output from the CRM and send out regular simultaneous e-mails just like the e-mail distribution service we had been using.

【Results of using BowNow and the changes in the company】

Since there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be registered by one corporation, all employees can be given access to BowNow, and anyone can check lead nurturing and access status of existing customers. So we no longer need to create documents to share information. In the past, only one or two full-time staff members could send out e-mails, but now each department (or product) can have its own person in charge of e-mail distribution, thus spreading out the workload of administrators.

【Customer Voice】

When it was first introduced, I often felt that the interface and functions were still inadequate, but when I told them about improvements, they regularly addressed them, and the performance is improving day by day. In addition, they have added functions that make it easier for sales staff to use the system like SFA, so we will be able to use it not only for lead nurturing, but also for managing the process up to receiving orders and cultivating "repeat customers" which is very important in our business (in the marketing world).

Thank you very much!

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