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Improve the number of leads acquired from exhibitions and seminars|Iwatsu Electric, Co., Ltd.

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Iwatsu Electric, Co., Ltd.

Location 1-7-41 Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Business Activity
  • Development, manufacture, sale and provision of services of equipment in the fields of information and communication, printing systems and electronic measurement
  • Leasing of real estate, etc.
URL https://www.iwatsu.co.jp/

Create seminar application forms and survey forms with BowNow. Identified areas for improvement based on the open rate and click rate of the delivered e-mails, and achieved to attract more customers.

Please introduce your company


Mr. Igawa: Iwasaki Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of information and communication, electronic measuring instruments, and printing systems.
We have five sales departments, and each department takes a different approach to promotion for each customer. We are a part of the information and communication department, and we are involved in the construction and maintenance of contact centers (call centers).

Mr. Tabata: The 4th Sales Department, to which we belong, mainly sells systems and applications necessary for operating call centers. We often handle systems from overseas manufacturers.

One of our strengths is the ability to develop applications at Iwatsu Soft Systems, a software company in our group. All of the products we handle are highly branded, and we have many distributors, but we are able to develop applications that solve our customers' problems, so we differentiate ourselves from other distributors by combining highly branded products with original products.

COVID-19 has changed the communication environment in all industries, and what is required of call centers is also changing. Call centers, which tend to be three densely packed, need to create an environment for telecommuting for the safety of the operators, and also need a system to support the operators so that they are not isolated at home. The more unstable the situation becomes, the more inquiries there will be and the more important the call center will become. I believe that our role is to provide the systems and services that are necessary for operation and customer support.

【Challenges before implementation】Request other departments to handle input forms and email distribution. Aiming to go to the cloud for efficiency and security reasons.


What challenges did you face before implementing MA?

Mr. Ikawa: When we wanted to have an application page for seminar management, we felt that there was a problem in asking other departments to create the input form.

Our main promotion to attract new customers is through seminars, but before we introduced BowNow, we had to ask other departments to create the input form for seminar applications and send out emails, which made the process complicated when we wanted to modify the content or schedule.

So, when we were wondering if we could create the input form alone on a cloud-based system, we learned that there were MA tools and learned about BowNow.

【Selection Points】First, there is the price. The ability to complete the creation of input forms within your own department is also attractive.

What was the deciding factor for you to choose BowNow among the many MA tools available?

The deciding factor for us was the price.

We originally wanted an input form to acquire customer information, mainly for seminars, so the fact that we could do it within our own department was very appealing.

【Measures & Effects】Using BowNow's Survey Form Function to Experience the Flow of BtoB Marketing

What kind of measures are you currently using BowNow for?


Mr. Tabata: In addition to attracting customers to our seminars, we are also using BowNow's questionnaire form to conduct questionnaires to those who have attended our web seminars. 

In the case of attracting participants to the seminars, BowNow enables us to identify and analyze the problems in the title and body of the e-mails we send out, as well as in the web pages of the seminar information, and how to correct them.

Future Outlook】More proactive in nurturing and acquiring leads by triggering document downloads

What would you like to challenge in the future with BowNow and marketing initiatives?

Mr. Ikawa: I would like to increase the number of downloads. Our marketing efforts are mainly focused on attracting visitors to our seminars, and we have not been able to work on SEO measures to that extent, but I think that if we can enhance the downloadable materials, the value of the web page itself will increase.

In the future, I would like to focus on creating content such as downloadable materials in order to create a point of acquisition for new customers other than seminars for the exhibition list.

【Customer's Voice】Expectations for support for effective measures that can be taken with limited resources

What do you expect from BowNow in the future and what do you think of Mtame's proposal?


Mr. Ikawa: We were interested in BowNow because of its low cost, and we initially planned to use it only for input forms, but the recently updated e-mail function was unexpectedly easy to use, so we feel that the cost effectiveness is very high.
The friendly support from implementation to operation and use has also exceeded our expectations.

One thing I would like to see is nurturing of the access log, and I would like to see a system that goes one step further and counts the details of the people who have entered information from the forms.
It would also be nice to have a function to automatically send some kind of information by e-mail to those who checked "Yes" in the questionnaire after attending the seminar, and asking if they would like to receive the materials.

Thank you very much!

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